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This is a collection of transcriptions of hand-written correspondence from between 1857 and 1944. The letters are to or from (or both) members of a Rees Family that came from Meline Parish of Pembrokeshire, in Southwest Wales.

William Rees and his wife Mary had ten children in Meline Parish in the early 19th century. The youngest, Caleb, left Pembrokeshire to find work in the iron and coal areas of Glamorganshire in Southeast Wales. There he met Rachel James, who had come from Trelech a'r Bettws Parish in Carmarthenshire, between Pembrokeshire and Glamorganshire. Immediately after they married, Caleb and Rachel left for America.

In Ohio, Caleb and Rachel Rees had four daughters. They then moved again, this time to help start a new Welsh colony in eastern Nebraska. There Caleb was murdered by drunken soldiers, leaving Rachel to raise their daughters.

One of the four daughters of Caleb and Rachel, Catherine, married an immigrant from Llanedy Parish in Carmarthenshire, Rees Morgan. Rees and Catherine Morgan spent most of the rest of their lives in Brown County, Kansas. Catherine Rees Morgan was the recipient of most of these letters.

Catherine and Rees Morgan had five children: Stanley (who died in infancy), Lewis Caleb (L.C. or Caleb), Isaac Newell (I.N. or Doc), Chester Rees, and Gordon Ray Morgan.

Catherine's father, Caleb Rees, had several older brothers. One of them, Stephen, had a son named Caleb--a second Caleb Rees--who wrote some of the letters included here. Other letters were written by still another Caleb Rees, the son of the second Caleb's brother Jacob.

The originals of these letters were collected by Catherine's son Lewis Morgan and preserved by Dr. Roland Reese Morgan, a son of Lewis' brother Dr. I. N. Morgan. Dr. R. R. Morgan's brother, Christopher N. Morgan, is my father.

I transcribed the letters, keeping the spelling and punctuation as they appeared in the original letters.

Gordon Reese Morgan
3201 Locksley Lane
Tallahassee, FL 32312-1911
Pick OneFrom (Person)From (Place)To (Person)Date
Caleb Rees1Ship CircassianDiary1857
Thomas T. WilliamsMinersville, OhioRachel Rees1868
Anne ReesCarnmeini UchafCatherine Rees1884
Caleb Rees2Chester, EnglandCatherine Rees1885
Caleb Rees2Chester, EnglandCatherine Rees1885
Caleb Rees2Chester, EnglandCatherine Rees1885
John M. SmithChester, EnglandWhom it may concernUnk.
Rees MorganHiawatha, KansasCatherine Rees Morgan1895
Sarah A. BowenLong Beach, CaliforniaCatherine Rees Morgan1917
Phoebe ReesKent, EnglandCatherine Rees Morgan1932
Ernest ReesKent, EnglandCatherine Rees Morgan1932
Bessie GriffithsLlanwrtyd Wells, Carm.Catherine Rees Morgan1932
Caleb Rees2Birkenhead, EnglandCatherine Rees Morgan1933
Laura ReesNewport, Monmouth.Catherine Rees Morgan1933
Caleb Rees3Newport, Monmouth.Catherine Rees Morgan1933
Caleb Rees3Newport, Monmouth.Catherine Rees Morgan1934
Margaret Rees BlakeHot Springs, ArkansasLewis Caleb Morgan1937
Caleb Rees3Laugharne, Carm.Gordon R. Morgan41944
1Son of William and Mary Rees of Rhosfach, Meline, Pembrokeshire.
2Son of Stephen Rees (Felinuchaf), who was a son of William and Mary Reese.
3Son of Jacob Rees, who was another son of Stephen Rees (Felinuchaf).
4Son of Rees Morgan and of Catherine Rees, who was a daughter of Caleb Rees1. Not to be confused with Gordon Reese Morgan, a great nephew of his.

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