Rees Family Letters Contents Letter9 Letter11 Letter 10 1932Phoebe Rees, Wales, to Catherine Rees Morgan, Kansas

Phoebe Rees was a daughter of Daniel Rees, who was a son of Stephen Rees, an older brother of Catherine's husband Caleb Rees. This makes Catherine (age 68) a great aunt to Phoebe and her siblings. Phoebe would have been in about her late 40s.

Written diagonally in the upper left corner of the first page:

N.B. Remember to send some snaps of yourself, children & grandchildren

St. Paul's Cray was the name of a small parish in northwestern Kent. That area is now a suburb of London.
The Cottage
St Paul's Cray
Feb 1st 1932
Dear Cousin Catharine

Thank you for your kind letter of sympathy on the passing on of my dear father. For him we cannot mourn, for it is well with him. His end was beautiful and happy, and his memory will ever be an inspiration to me.

Did you get my brother's letter with the snaps. He has been looking for an answer from you & thinks perhaps his letter miscarried.

I hope you and yours are keeping well. There has been a lot of influenza with bronchitis here; but the sharp frosty weather we are having must now is breaking up the epidemic.

I am enclosing a paragraph about the Borieselter. John D. Rees of Youngstown is where you were interested. He seemed to have raked in the shekels!

Hoping to hear from you soon when you write to my brother.

Your affectionate cousin
P. Rees