Rees Family Letters Contents Letter17 Contents Letter 18 1944Caleb Rees (61), Wales, to Gordon R. Morgan (41), Kansas

Gordon Ray Morgan is the youngest son of Catherine Rees Morgan. He is also a great-uncle of Gordon Reese Morgan, who has produced this web site.
The Island House,          
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across your address, and I thought I would drop you this line hoping that you might be able to spare the time to let me have some information about the present whereabouts of all the surviving members of the family of my great-uncle Caleb Rees (buried in Prairie Union Cemetery), after whom I had the honour to be named.

You be interested to see how I am related to you by the following bit of the famly tree:--

That makes us second cousins, I think. I shall be very glad to hear from you at your convenience. I have just retired from Government Service as a Schools Inspector.

With best wishes. Yours sincerely
Caleb Rees.

Included with the letter was a photograph of a young boy and an older girl standing in the doorway of a thatched-roof cottage.

On the back of the photo is written:

Taken many years ago with Hannah & Stephen in door-way-
Children of my uncle William (2nd son of my Grand Father Stephen Rees who was born at Rhosfach.

The letter and photo were in an envelope with a Carmarthen post mark of 7 -PM, 20 FEB 1944 and a 2 1/2 penny stamp. The envelope was addressed to

Mr. Gordon Rees Morgan
Hulpien - Morgan Funeral Home Service
Box 1126
Dodge City

The envelope had been opened and then resealed with a label indicating it had been opened by an examiner (this was during WW II). Also on the back of the envelope were hand-written some genealogical notes:

Apparently Rees Hayworth's parents are Mary Rees and James Hayworth, and Mary Rees' parents are Thomas Rees and Margaret Bowen. I don't know who any of these people are, although there are two men named Thomas in the Rees family tree: one of the older brothers of Caleb Rees (Catherine's father), and one of the sons of John Rees, another of Caleb's brothers.