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A recommendation letter for Cousin Caleb Rees, copy sent to Catherine Rees. The date of the letter is unknown.

In an earlier letter Caleb had expressed doubt about his ability to get work with an American newspaper, but he may have been considered trying.
Copy of Chief Reporter's Testimonial

I have known Mr. Caleb Rees since I became connected with the Chester Guardian, and having been in the position of overseeing his work for a considerable time, I can speak in confidence to his capabilities as an efficient reporter. Mr. Rees is possessed of a liberal general knowledge and has an extensive acquaintance with English authors. He is a rapid and faithful short hand writer and has the faculty of extending his notes with ease and grace. I have occasion frequently to send him to meetings of considerable importance and he has never failed to acquit himself to my entire satisfaction as in fact has been the case in almost all of the multifarious duties which as a reporter he has been called upon to undertake. He is a total abstainer, is steady, energetic, honest, and in every way trustworthy and I feel certain he will ever give satisfaction to any who may require his services. I have much pleasure in giving this testimonial in favour of Mr. Rees.

I am Yours truly
John M. Smith
Chief Reporter
Chester Guardian