Rees Family Letters Contents Letter15 Letter17 Letter 16 1934Caleb Rees, Wales, to Catherine Rees Morgan, Kansas

Another letter from Caleb Rees (50) to his aunt, Catherine Rees Morgan (70) Board of Education
TEL. 4553            

Jan 22nd 1934

Dear Cousin Catherine,
The articles in Y Llenor are written in Welsh. An English translation of the article mentioned here will be posted at some time in the future.

I think I told you in a letter just before Christmas that I had written an article about your father in a Welsh literary magazine called Y Llenor & that I would send you a copy.

This is to tell you that I have mailed you a copy today in a separate cover.

Margaret, now about 71, is Catherine's next-older sister.

You will see that I mention my "discovery" of you & Margaret, at the foot of page 208.

I hope you will like the article. It has created considerable interest in Wales for the light which your father's diary throws on conditions at the time when it was written and upon himself as an able and courageous man.

Margaret is planning to come over & see us in the summer. It would give us great joy if you could join her.

We have very pleasant memories of the Sunday which we spent in Hiawatha, and of your hospitality, and the conversation with members of the family and the friends. Please remember us kindly to all whom we met. We with we could have made a longer stay & meet the other boys & their wives. Let us hope that we may yet have that pleasure some day.

I am very busy just now with my new work & have only time to write you this brief note at present.

If you can arrange to come over to see us this summer we shall be delighted.

With kindest regards from my wife & myself.

Ever yours