Rees Family Letters Contents Letter11 Letter13 Letter 12 1932Bessie Griffiths, Wales, to Catherine Rees Morgan, Kansas

Bessie Griffiths responded to Catherine's sympathy card to Sarah Evans, following the death of her brother John Evans, who died in 1932 in Abernant, Llanwrtyd Wells.

Sept 2 1932
Mrs. R. B. Morgan

Dear Mrs. Morgan
Sarah Evans died just five months after this letter was written, at the age of 80.

John and Sarah were two of the three children of Evan Evans (Erw Wastod), whose brother David R. Evans' descendents were neighbors of the Morgans in Kansas.

Catherine's husband Rees Morgan was also related to one of these Evans; his Uncle William Morgan married Sarah Evans, daughter of David R. Evans.

Llanwrtyd Wells is about 36 miles northeast of Llanedy parish, where the Morgans came from, and about 60 miles east of the area in Pembrokeshire where Caleb Rees was born.

I am sure you will excuse Miss Evans asking me to reply to your very kind letter of sympathy since she is unable owing to her sight to write herself. The Dr. says she has been worrying overmuch and it has affected her eyes. Mr. Evans had a long trying illness and of course it has told on her. She has just returned after a little holiday at Aberystwyth but the change did not make much improvment in her sight.

I am sure Miss Evans appreciated your letter and the sentiments conveyed in it. It is so good at a time of grief and sorrow that we have precious promises which if we only believe them will lift us above the clouds and make us rejoice. What a heritage is ours if we only believe! The pity is our gaze is on the mud and not on the stars.

Trusting this will find you as a family still very well as when you wrote and with Miss Evan's fond love and many thanks for expressions of sympathy

Yours very sincerely
Bessie Griffiths