Rees Family Letters Contents Letter12 Letter14 Letter 13 1933Caleb Rees, Wales, to Catherine Rees Morgan, Kansas

The Caleb Rees who wrote this letter was 68 at the time, and Catherine was 69.
9 Willowbank Road
Birkenhead, England
July 24 / 33
Dear Cousin
The nephew Caleb Rees (age 49) is a son of the writer's brother Jacob. His wife was (Dr.) Laura Powell Rees.

A nephew of mine of the same name, Mr. Caleb Rees, of Newport, Monmonthshire, will be visiting the United States next month with his wife.

From August 15 to Aug 31, he will be: Care of W. L. Tupper, Secretary & Treasurer, Sherwood Power System, Inc., Orion, Illinois.

If possible he would like to meet you & your sister Margaret.

Will you please drop him a note on receipt of this, at above address, telling him your whereabouts - between the dates named?

Kind regards
Caleb Rees