Rees Family Letters Contents Letter13 Letter15 Letter 14 1933Laura Rees, Wales, to Catherine Rees Morgan, Kansas

This is the wife of the writer of the previous letter, Caleb Rees, who was the nephew of the Caleb Rees who wrote several earlier letters. Laura's husband thus was a first cousin, once removed, to Catherine. Caleb and Laura came to Hiawatha for a visit in 1933.
TEL. 4553

Oct 9/33
Dear Mrs Morgan

Caleb is away this week at Lampeter and I don't know whether he has yet written to thank you for the happy day you gave us at Hiawatha.

We arrived home on Sept 21st after a delightful holiday.

We counted that we had passed through twenty of the states so we hustled along in true American style.

Mrs. Blake was Catherine's sister Margaret, who was 71.

After leaving you we saw Mrs Blake (your sister) and had a lovely time with her. We then returned to Illinois, went to Chicago -- to Springfield, to a little place called Cedar falls (Iowa) then to Yellowstone Park which was wonderful then to Fargo (N. Dak) then Toronto, Montreal Quebec & home. I hope you are all well. Please remeber me to your niece & her son & daughter and also to your son & his wife. We should so much like to see some of you here. Please remember there is a very warm welcome to you all & we will take you in comfort to see all the old places in Pembrokeshire without keeping you in any cold railway stations--. We'll even meet you at the boat if you'll tell us when you're coming

Meanwhile my fondest love to all
from Laura

I forgot to thank you for the "Hiawatha Daily World" which we received safely -- That was a very nice paragraph to give us