Rees Family Letters Contents Letter14 Letter16 Letter 15 1933Caleb Rees, Wales, to Catherine Rees Morgan, Kansas

This is the 50-year-old Caleb Rees whose wife wrote the previous letter.

Caleb is the first cousin, once removed, of Catherine (age 70).
TEL. 4553            

Dec 17. 1933
My dear Aunt (or Cousin?)

It was very delightful to get your letter a few weeks ago.

I have been too busy to write many letters since our return. There have been some changes in the service of the Board of Education with the result that I have been promoted Deputy Chief Inspector of Wales. It is more important work, but I shall probably be away from home rather more than in the past.

From a Diary of your father's which your sister Margaret gave me I have written a sketch of his life for the leading Welsh quarterly magazine, called Y Llenor (= The Litteratur) This will appear on Jan 1st 1934, when I hope to send you a copy.

Since writing this I have found in London with Uncle Martin another manuscript book of your father's, given to Uncle Martin 50 years ago by your mother or your sister Rachel. This is full of your father's poems and songs. I may be able to get something published with regard to this also later on.

I wish now that we could have stayed longer in Hiawatha to see more of you and your family, & to visit places of interest connected with your parents' early life at Aspinwall, & see your father's grave in Prairie Union Cemetery.

Stella, Nebraska, is a couple of miles from the rural Prairie Union Cemetery. Evan Rees (age 66) was a younger brother of Jacob Rees, this Caleb's father. Felinuchaf was the family home of Stephen Rees, the father of Jacob and Evan and their siblings.

Was there a place called Stella that your mother lived in? Uncle Evan at Felinuchaf seems to remember letters coming to them from Stella, Nebraska. Is that right?

Margaret is talking of coming over to see us next summer. You had better come too. I'll take you direct by car to your father's birthplace & other places of interest in the old neighbourhood.

I shall always remember gratefully the warm welcome you gave us at Hiawatha. Come over & we will try to repay you.

Crystal and William are Crystal Elizabeth Schrader (age 20) and her brother William Evans Schrader (18). Their mother is Anna Fay Evans (49), daughter of Evan W. Evans and Mary Elizabeth Rees. Mary was Catherine's oldest sister, so Anna is Catherine's niece. Anna, Crystal, and William all lived in Hiawatha in 1933; Anna's husband William Schrader had died two years earlier.

With best wishes for Christmas & the New Year for yourself your four boys & their families, Crystal & William & their mother.

Yours ever Caleb.