Rees Family Letters Contents Letter7 Letter9 Letter 8 1895Rees Morgan, Kansas, to Catherine Rees Morgan, Nebr. or Okla.

Rees Morgan (age 38) wrote this letter from the farm near Hiawatha, Kansas, to his wife Catherine Rees Morgan (31), visiting her mother and sisters who had moved to Guthrie, Oklahoma. Lewis and the baby are Rees and Catherine's sons Lewis Caleb Morgan and Isaac Newell Morgan.
Hiawatha Kans
May 13th 1895

Dear Mamma

Monday after breakfast lonely and lonesome no baby, no Lewis, no Mamma. Thank God that I live in hopes to see you again

The Aunts were Catherine's sisters Rachel and Margaret. Their oldest sister, Mary, had died two years earlier. Grand-mo was their mother Rachel.

I received your kind and welcome letter yesterday. I am glad that you got through all right, I was little afraid that your headache would make it hard for you to stand the journey. I see that you are pretty tough yet, when did Lewis miss Papa, is he talking much about Doll, what does he think of his Aunts, I suppose he was very glad to see his Grand-mo, by this time

Grand-pa was the second husband, M. W. Griffiths, of Catherine's mother Rachel.

I suppose that he has made a friend of Grand-pa. What does Aunts think of the boys I need not inquire what Grand-mo thinks of them I have a pretty good idea

Tell Lewis that I am going to fix his waggon ready to hall hay, corn, wood, cobs, and ashes to the hogs by the time he gets home

I persume that you have read the account of the Great Cyclone in Iowa as I reached home friday afternoon it rained just about enoug to lay the dust, and it turned very cold, heavy frost garden is in a demorized condition

Grape vines you cant see them any more

How do you like the Country by this time have you seen a place that you would like to locate

What does Maggie put out on her farm this year is she raising any corn I suppose she is studying farming pretty much

I went to Church yesterday morning I listen to a very good discourse and so is the school-house, in the afternoon

"Old man Evans" probably is a neighbor, Deacon David Evans. The Welsh may be translated as "There is a bright young man, he is improving all the time" [Ann Phillips of Wales] or "There's a sermon lad for you. He is getting entirely better" [David Evans of California, who assumes Brigeth should have been Bregeth]. In either case, Evans is apparently referring to the preacher. Old man Evans said Dyna i chwi Brigeth bachgen mae e yn gwella hyd.

Tell grandmo to take of the boys, I have not much news this time hoping to have some for the next so I draw to a close and hope that you are enjoying good health Give my respect to Mother, and sisters and all

From your loving Husband
R B Morgan

X  baby
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