Rees Family Letters Contents Letter8 Letter10 Letter 9 1917Sarah Bowen, California, to Catherine and/or Rees Morgan, Kansas

Rees Morgan's mother was a Sarah Bowen (1827-1902). That Sarah Bowen had a brother William Bowen, who married Sarah Evans (a daughter of David R. Evans); his wife thus was Sarah Bowen, but she died before this letter was written.

William and Sarah Bowen had a daughter Sarah Ann Bowen (b. 1869), who may be the author of this letter. If so, she would have been 48 at the time, and would have been a first cousin to Rees Morgan (age 60). Catherine Rees Morgan was 54 then.
"Merry Christmas To All."
Long Beach Calif
Dec - 20 - 1917.
My dear Cousins-

I send to you no useless gift this holy christmas Day.
But something you may keep awhile then gladly give away:
Here's Love wraped up in Tenderness- and folded all about
Are ribbons of Good Wishes that nothing may fall out.
'Tis stamped with Hope and sealed with Faith that Friendship will abide
As long as memories remain of Christ and Christmastide.
If passed along such presnts grow as snowballs gather up the snow. I wish you all a Very Happy New Year, Happy to you and to all those who are near and dear to you.

May you all be blessed with a new Good Fortune better than has gone before.

Each succeeding year will bring my repeated wishes for your continued Happiness-

Sarah A. Bowen.