Rees Family Letters Contents Letter10 Letter12 Letter 11 1932Ernest Rees, Wales, to Catherine Rees Morgan, Kansas

Catherine (age 68) was a great aunt to Ernest, the brother of the preceeding letter's author. Ernest would have been approximately in his late 40's.
The Cottage
St Paul's Cray
March 8th 1932
Dear Aunt Catharine,

I thank you very much for your letter dated January 21st, containing those very interesting photographs for which I also than you. I apologise for not answering sooner and realize also I ought not to have teased you about your journey to Wales as I did not realize you had then such a terror of a cold. You must have had a touch of flu' & ought to be grateful you didn't get pneumonia or something as serious.

Being a true Rees I insist on calling you aunt & I notice that you keep on calling me cousin so you must be a thorough Rees, also. -- The Reeses never on any account give way on any point whatever!!

Re the photograph containing my uncle Caleb -- the young lady is not his daughter -- she is Gwynneth Rees 2nd daughter of my Uncle Martin. She is a very nice girl -- celebrating her 21st birthday somewhen in April. She has lately completed a course at the Middlesex Hospital & is now a certified masseuse with diplomas for Ray treatment etc etc. I reckon she will get a posh job soon in a new palatial Nursing Home in the West End. My name is ERNEST, so you need not address me as EARNEST c/o Phebe Rees as my sister's name is PhOEBE (named after grandmother -- your aunt -- by marriage.) I reckon you were getting a dig at me on account of my teasing you about your visit to Wales. Well Tit for Tat & honours are even!

Very sorry I cannot lay my hands on any of the Welsh appreciations of my father -- they have got misplaced somewhere. Will send you some when I come accross them.

We have had a very dry winter -- the driest within living memory & the water is getting scarce even in Wales. We scarcely ever get what you call Zero weather in this part of England. Occasionally the mercury touches Zero at night in the Eastern counties particularly the Fen district but very seldom round London. I thank you & your son & his wife for the united regards & hope you are all well.

Am afraid this letter is not very satisfactory -- I've got a nasty feeling consequent on receiving an income tax demand note which gets my goat as we say over here. So I am going to finish before I let you know what I think about the Commissioners of Inland Revenue, the debt to America, Japan's attack on the Chinks etc etc.

Every best wish dear Aunt to you & salutations to your hosts.
Ernest Rees.