Jennifer Morgan-Cheng of Reston, Virginia

Jennifer and her husband Winston live in Reston, Virginia. She is a 2003 graduate of Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classical Studies, which includes Latin and Greek language and literature. While still in Tallahassee after graduating, she did some substitute teaching in Latin and other subjects.
Jennifer & Winston's Wedding:  A special web page for the wedding.
Katie Doyle in flower hat Katie Doyle:  Katie was a long-time friend of Jennifer's. Here is the Bat Mitzvah speech she gave a few months before her five-year battle with a brain tumor ended.
Dinner in Rome when Winston proposed Winston has many pictures of Jennifer and himself on his Flickr web pages.
The Knot website Jennifer and Winston have a page on The Knot where they provide info about their recent marriage.
Jennifer in cap and gown Pictures of Jennifer graduating—and many others—are available for free viewing on our WebShots pages
Smith College graduation scene Pictures of Commencement Weekend at Smith in 2003 are also available at some Smith College pages.
Smith College Logo, SC
Smith College is Jennifer's Alma Mater
Smith Daily Jolt
for daily news at Smith College

Leon High School where Jennifer has both studied and taught

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Miscellaneous Comments

Jennifer's Health and Travel Update

      by Gordon Morgan

Wednesday, May 6. 

MORE GOOD NEWS FOR JENNIFER: another good MRI result today, the latest in a string going back to August 20, 2004.
We enjoyed visiting with Jennifer and Winston during a Spring Break with Monica and Toby in March. We also got to visit with Winston's mother in Houston, and his feisty 99-year old grandmother too.
At the Shady GroveAt the Salt Lick
Winston, Jennifer, and Monica at the Shady Grove in Austin. All of us at the Salt Lick southwest of Austin. We ate well.

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