Jennifer's Health and Travel Update...Archives from 2007

Monday, January 1. 
We've had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Jennifer and Winston joined us (as did Monica and Toby, who are now engaged, and Ursula's mother) for a week at St. George Island. We enjoyed mostly sunny skies and surprisingly warm temperatures, and Jennifer got in some long beach walks.

At right: the not-ready-for-prime-time tennis players warming up: Winston, Jennifer, and Monica. Jennifer took her coat off soon after we started volleying.

Jennifer and Winston have a new home now, having bought a townhouse in Reston, Virginia. Jennifer has had enough of the long hours on her feet at the tea store, and now is concentrating on furnishing their new home while thinking about what else she wants to do.

At right: the front of the house, which is at the end of a row of townhouses.
Deck on the back side.The kitchenTheir first Christmas tree

Monday, January 15. 
Jennifer made it safely back to Virginia, after a long and fun holiday with us. She and Winston are getting settled into their new home in Reston.

Monday, January 22. 

Good news: Jennifer had another routine MRI last week, and once again there was no change. This is the latest in a series of MRIs going back to August 20, 2004, showing no tumor growth.

Wednesday, March 14. 

Ursula and I had a great visit with Jennifer and Winston at their home in Reston, Virginia. Ursula got there first, and had some cozy snow days in the town house they bought recently. I joined them Thursday. The weather warmed up then and we got out and saw some of Reston, one of the first "planned communities" in the country. We also made a trip into Washington DC to see the newest museum there, the National Museum of the American Indian. It has an amazing cafeteria with foods representing the native peoples of each part of the country. Between us we had a couple of buffalo dishes, salmon, and a variety of native vegetables. The gift shops and exhibits were good too. We especially enjoyed eating home-cooked food with Jennifer and Winston, including his famous steak recipe.

Wednesday, March 28. 

Good news again! Jennifer called to say that her latest MRI again showed no new growth.

Wednesday, May 23. 

Good news once again! Jennifer called to say that her latest MRI again showed no new growth. This is the latest in a series of good MRIs going back to August 20, 2004.

Jennifer and Winston met us in Chapel Hill for her sister Monica's graduation from the University of North Carolina on May 13. We all had a great time walking to and from the ceremonies and seeing some of the sights (especially restaurants).

Here are Jennifer and Winston leaving Hill Hall, the location of the afternoon ceremony for graduates of the UNC Music Department, for the hilly but pretty walk of nearly a mile back to Monica's apartment.

Saturday, July 28. 

Jennifer is back with Winston in Virginia, after spending several weeks here during Monica's wedding preparations and wedding. Winston was able to get away from work and join us for part of the time, too. We had some great family time!

Jennifer (red dress) is with her Oma, mother, father, sister, new brother-in-law, and husband, during picture-taking after Monica and Toby's wedding ceremony July 21 at St Stephen Lutheran Church in Tallahassee.

Sunday, October 28. 

Good news once again! Jennifer called this week to say that her latest MRI again showed no new growth. This is the latest in a series of good MRIs going back to August 20, 2004.

Wednesday, December 12. 

We had a great Thanksgiving! Jennifer and Winston joined us for dinner, along with Winston's father and both of his brothers (one from New York and one from California). Monica and Toby also drove over from Texas, and Toby's parents completed the group.

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