Jennifer's Health and Travel Update...Archives from 2008

Sunday, January 27. 

Earlier this month Jennifer got some more good news: another good MRI. This makes almost 3 and a half years of good MRIs, going back to August 20, 2004.

During Christmas week, Jennifer and Winston went to Houston to visit his mother and a variety of other relatives. Last weekend they went to New York City and visited with many old friends, as well as Jennifer's cousin Joachim and Winston's brother Warren. This weekend, they're being visited by old friends Yuh-Mei and Lester from Tallahassee.

Saturday, March 22. 

Last week we went up to Virginia to visit Jennifer and Winston during Ursula's spring break. It was also spring break at Monica's Montessori school and at the University of Texas, so Monica and Toby were able to meet us there, after visiting Toby's grandmother and other relatives in Maryland earlier in the week. We had a lot of good meals, met Jennifer and Ursula's friend Jen, shopped at a German Gourmet store, visited Mt. Vernon, and (some of us) toured the new Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum next to Dulles Airport.
The younger set rocked out with Rock Band on the PlayStation...
...and we all enjoyed the trails around Jennifer and Winston's neighborhood. Here are Winston, Jennifer, Monica, and Toby dancing down the Turquoise Trail.

Friday, April 25. 

Good news again this week, as Jennifer's latest MRI showed no changes.

Winston is doing some remodeling in their basement, with the goal of having a home theater/video room. Jennifer isn't a skilled carpenter, but she's helping out when she can. I'll post some pictures when available.

Sunday, July 27. 

Jennifer came to Tallahassee on July 5, and in addition to the usual catching up with news and restaurants, we drove down to Orlando to see Dorothy Evelyn, the new daughter of Jennifer's cousin Elisabeth and her husband Dan. Winston joined us last week, and he and Jennifer both attended some activities related to Leon High School's 10-year reunion. Here they are on their way to the main dinner event. They're both back in Reston now.

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