London and Wales, September 2009                 Last updated: October 16, 2009
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Jennifer was visiting us after the Leon 10-year reunion when Winston called to ask if she'd like to go to London. His work as a developer of project management software was taking him to a temporary position at a large bank in a London suburb. Jennifer was eager to go with him, and I quickly decided I should drop in a visit them while they were there. And I couldn't go to London without going next door to Wales, where my Morgan ancestors originated. There were some other trips to make before we could all get together (me to Nebraska, them to Vancouver), but they made it there in late August and I left for London on September 19.

This map shows the British Isles. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island includes all but Ireland. London is the red area in southeast England.

Here are links to photos and descriptions of what I did while in the UK. Not all of the links are active yet, as I'm still building the site.

Sep 19 (and 20): Tallahassee to Atlanta to Amsterdam to London

Sep 20: London pub, British Museum, London Eye

Sep 21: Bus Tour, Boat Tour, and Greenwich Observatory

Sep 22: Train to Wales, Museum of Welsh Life near Cardiff, and drive to Llanedi Parish

Sep 23: Llanedi Church and Tyllwyd farm. Drive to Trelech, on to Meline Parish, and meet some relatives

Sep 24: Caerphilly Castle, Avis in Cardiff, and the train back to London

Sep 25: St. Paul's Cathedral, Museum of London, the South Bank, and Wicked at the Apollo Victoria

Sep 26: Westminster Abbey, and the British Library

Sep 27: The Tower of London, and Love's Labour's Lost at Shakespeare's Globe

Sep 28: Leave for the USA