Last updated 22 October 2016

Benjamin Reese arrived on September 9, 2012. He is usually known as Benji, although sometimes his mother calls him "Bug". Benjamin Street is just around the corner from where they lived at the time, but they didn't make the connection until later. Reese is my middle name as well as his.

The pictures below all date to 2012 or 2013. More pictures coming soon!

Benjamin Reese Isaac is our first grandchild. He couldn't wait to get here, arriving in September three weeks prematurely. Since catching on to the whole nursing thing he's thrived, and it's a pleasure to hold and play with him. Benji enjoyed having his Oma and Grandpa visit at Thanksgiving. He got lots of cuddle time, and continued to take in all of his surroundings. The house was fine, but he really loved looking at the whole wide world outside. Of course whenever friends and family gather, Benji is the center of attention. He doesn't mind.

January at the Airport
March in Maryland
April in Austin
More April in Austin
Ready to head back to Austin after visiting Tallahassee over the holidays... Benji managed to get through his first airplane trips without too much trouble. When the Isaacs went to Maryland to visit Toby's grandmother and other relatives, we got together with Jennifer and Winston and joined them. Aunty Jen loves little Benji. Monica and Benji went to the Austin Kite Festival, with Toby and Elgar. Benji in Sunday-go-to-Meetin' clothes.

Still More April in Austin
Okay, this is the same outfit as in the previous picture, but they're both just so cute!


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