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November 5-7, 2009
...The Manleys Come to Town

Elisabeth and Danny brought Evelyn to Tallahassee to help celebrate Elisabeth's Oma's 81st birthday. Danny went deer hunting with his Dad Friday and got a 9-point buck, his first. Evelyn wasn't feeling her best, but was still delightful (except for a cheese-cube-throwing incident...what an arm!). She didn't sleep well, unfortunately, and all three went home early, on Saturday, so Oma wouldn't catch anything. Here are some snapshots and video clips from their visit.

Her appetite wasn't up to par, but Evelyn still managed to eat enough to keep going.

(Thurs. Nov 5, dinner time)

Here's a Quicktime video clip of Evelyn eating. To see it (and other videos below) you may need to enable Active-X content. Also, get ready to wait...I need to learn how to keep the file sizes smaller.

(Thurs. Nov 5, dinner time)

Evelyn Eating in her High Chair

Quicktime video clip of Evelyn dancing with her Tante Ursula.

(Thurs. Nov 6, dinner time)

Evelyn Dancing with Tante Ursula

Ready for bed, but able to stay up a little bit longer...yay!

(Fri. Nov 6, evening)

Evelyn enjoyed watching someone else draw a picture (Sesame Street's Elmo is her favorite) and then erasing it herself. If she holds out the pen and says "Help?" that's what she wants.

(Sat. Nov 7, late morning)

Oma's rolling chair was just right for giving stuffed animals a ride.

(Sat. Nov 7, late morning)

Quicktime video clip of Evelyn pushing her Ur-Oma's rolling chair, with stuffed animals aboard.

(Sat. Nov 7, late morning)

Giving Her Animals a Ride

Daddy's back from hunting, and everybody's glad.

(Sat. Nov 7, late morning)

Evelyn and her PeePaw (not sure if I'm spelling it right). She was generally more cheerful than she appears in these pictures...apparently she believes that a sober pose is best for such formal portraits. A stuffy nose and throat don't help, either.

(Sat. Nov 7, late morning)